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10 cat breeds that like water

By: Mary Jones

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Turkish Van

Known as the "swimming cat," enjoys being in water and may even swim.

Maine Coon

Has a fondness for water, often seen playing with it or dipping paws in water bowls.


Curious and adventurous breed that may enjoy playing with water and joining their owners in the shower.


Shares ancestry with the water-loving serval and may exhibit an interest in water play.


Active and playful breed that may enjoy playing with or pawing at water.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Originating from a region with abundant water sources, some individuals may have an affinity for water play.

Japanese Bobtail

Playful and sociable breed that may show interest in playing with or near water.

Turkish Angora

Known for being fond of water, enjoys playing with or splashing in water.


While not all Siamese cats like water, some individuals enjoy playing with water or splashing in shallow pools.

Bengal Munchkin

A crossbreed that combines the Bengal's water-loving nature with the playful personality of the Munchkin, may enjoy water-related activities.

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