12 different types of ducks with  pictures

Mallard: The most recognizable duck, with the male having a green head and yellow bill.

Wood Duck: Known for its colorful plumage and unique patterns.

Pekin Duck: A domesticated breed with a white-feathered body and orange bill.

Muscovy Duck: Large ducks with distinctive red wattles around the bill and a fleshy red face.

Mandarin Duck: A small, beautifully colored duck with elaborate patterns.

Northern Shoveler: Named for its large, shovel-like bill, with the male having a green head.

American Wigeon: Male has a white forehead and a green patch on the side of the head.

Canvasback: A diving duck with a reddish-brown head and a long, sloping profile.

Ring-necked Duck: Males have a black head and a gray body with a white ring around the bill.

Harlequin Duck: A small sea duck known for its vibrant plumage and intricate patterns.

Ruddy Duck: Male has a bright blue bill and a distinctive rust-colored body.

Bufflehead: A small diving duck with a striking black and white plumage.

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