6 Modern Comb Overs for 2023

High Fade Comb Over

The sides and back are faded high, contrasting with the longer hair on top. The hair is brushed to one side for a professional effect.

Textured Comb Over

 In 2023, textured comb overs are trendy for a more laid-back style. Textured top hair adds volume and movement.

Side Part Comb Over

This timeless style includes splitting the hair on one side and combing it to the other. This style exudes professionalism.

Undercut Comb Over

An undercut and comb over appear trendy and edgy. The sides and back are shaved, while the top is longer. This style suits many hair lengths and types.

Taper Fade Comb Over

This smooth transition fades hair from longer to shorter. This design is balanced and tidy for formal and informal situations.

Long Comb Over

A long comb over is trendy for men with medium to long hair in 2023. Grown hair is brushed to one side for a sophisticated look.

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