7 Bald Fade Haircuts for Men

High Bald Fade

This dramatic and crisp fade begins high on the sides and back. This hairstyle contrasts the shaved parts with longer hair on top.

Low Bald Fade

Lower on the sides and back than the high bald fade. This style transitions gradually and offers additional hair length and styling possibilities.

Skin Fade with Bald Top

This haircut shaves the top hair to the skin, making it bald. The sides and back fade gradually, emphasising the top baldness and creating a contemporary, edgy look.

Temple Fade

This bald fade version is popular. Tapering the temple hairline creates a clean appearance. This sophisticated design works with several hairstyles on top.

Burst Fade

This distinctive bald fade gives a burst-like look around the ears. The fade extends outward, giving the hairstyle aesthetic appeal.

Taper Bald Fade

This fade gradually shortens hair. The sides and back fade into bald or tightly shaven parts. This style looks tidy.

Mohawk Bald Fade

A Mohawk and bald fade make a contemporary haircut. Mohawk hairstyles are worn on top with fading or shaved sides. This provocative design is excellent for statement-makers.