7 Healthiest Snacks to Lose   Belly Fat

Cut-Up Vegetable Stick

Veggies with hummus are a nutritious snack. Easily lose abdominal fat with vegetables. Hummus is high in plant protein, while vegetables are high-volume and low-calorie a winning combo for a satisfying snack.

Dried Fruit

Avoid processed sugars in store-bought "fat-blasting" trail mixes by making your own. It'll be clear. Instead of M&Ms or chocolate, Mitri recommends dried fruit.

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt with Berrie

The high fiber content and healthy fats in avocados contribute to satiety and can help with weight management by reducing cravings and promoting feelings of fullness. 

Apple Slices with Nut Butter

Apple nachos replace high-calorie nachos! To lose abdominal fat, Mitri suggests apple nachos. Slice apples and drizzle nut butter. Protein and good fats are in this snack.

Cottage Cheese on Rice Cake

Low-fat, high-protein cottage cheese is low-calorie. A wonderful weight-loss snack. Add it on top of low-cal, whole-grain rice cakes and include any toppings of your choice, such as diced pineapple or sun-dried tomatoes.

Avocado Toast

The International Journal of Obesity found that an egg diet led to 61% lower BMI, 65% more weight loss, 34% lower waist circumference, and 16% lower body fat than a bagel diet.

Cheese Roll-up

Cheese roll-ups are easy to make and aid fat loss. Add cucumber slices between the turkey and cheese to increase volume and "crunch factor" without calories.