7 Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Cholesterol Level


Kick the Carbs

Total starchy food and carbohydrate intake are associated with metabolic syndrome, a condition identified by high cholesterol and other factors that equate to higher heart disease risk. 


 Lose Weight

Losing just 5–10 percent of your total body weight helps to reduce triglycerides and increase HDL levels.


Have a Glass of Red Wine

If you’re wondering how to lower cholesterol levels, it may surprise you to learn that moderate alcohol intake is associated with higher HDL levels. 


Stop Smoking

Smoking exacerbates many aspects of health — and cholesterol is just one of them. 


Get Moving

Exercise typically will help to support losing or maintaining weight, another reason this is a good habit to rehearse as you protect your heart.


 Try Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements

You should tell your doctor about all your supplements, including medications, to help you maintain normal cholesterol levels. 


Take Cholesterol-Lowering Medication

While conventional medicine sees this as a first-line effort, cholesterol-lowering medications are sometimes needed for extremely high cholesterol.

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