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7 Tips: How to Find the Best Food when Travelling

Be mindful of food customs when traveling. Food practices and meal times can vary by country. Research before your trip.

Do your research before you go

Ask locals for food recommendations to get an authentic taste of a destination. Taxi drivers and receptionists can be great sources.

Ask a local for a recommendation

No language barrier when it comes to food! Google Translate app can translate menus and phrases for you.

Don’t be afraid of the menu in a different language

Explore local markets for fresh produce and authentic street food. Interact with locals and enjoy the experience.

Go to the local market

Join the locals in line for food - it's always good. Busy places are popular for a reason!

If there is a queue for food – join it!

Use bloggers and food influencers for finding great food when travelling. Search for 'best places to eat' and translate if necessary.

Research food bloggers online for recommendations.

Use Google maps for orientation when in a foreign city. You can also save places on your map.

Use google maps to mark food places near sites