8 Floral Liqueurs to Celebrate Spring

Elderflower Liqueur

This delicious, fragrant liqueur is made from elderberry blooms. It may be drunk alone, with sparkling water, or in cocktails.

Rose Liqueur

This romantic liquor tastes like roses. It adds flowery flavor to cocktails, champagne, and sweets.

Lavender Liqueur

Its soothing perfume and somewhat floral flavor make it a distinctive addition to drinks. It works great in lemonade and drinks with citrus tastes.

Hibiscus Liqueur

Hibiscus blooms provide color and tang to this liqueur. It gives beverages a tropical and tangy flavor and may be used creatively in fruity drinks.

Violet Liqueur

Violet liqueur adds a mild flowery flavor to drinks. It adds flowery sweetness and aesthetic appeal to drinks.

Chamomile Liqueur

Chamomile flowers provide a pleasant, herbal taste. It's good neat or in citrus or herbal drinks.

Jasmine Liqueur

This exotic-smelling liqueur is made from jasmine flowers. It adds a flowery aroma to mixed cocktails or makes a delicious digestif.

Orange Blossom Liqueur

This citrus-floral liqueur is made from orange blossoms. It adds spring flavor to cocktails, sparkling wine, and desserts.

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