9 of the Gassiest Dog Breeds

By: Mary Jones

Bulldogs have a tendency to swallow air while eating due to their brachycephalic (short-nosed) anatomy, leading to increased flatulence.

English Bulldog

Boxers are known to have sensitive stomachs, and certain foods or dietary changes can result in excessive gas production.


Pugs, like Bulldogs, have a brachycephalic skull shape, making them prone to swallowing air while eating and contributing to gassiness.


Basset Hounds have a deep chest, which can lead to increased gas buildup in their digestive system.

Basset Hound

These small, muscular dogs are prone to flatulence due to their sensitive digestive systems.

Boston Terrier

Mastiffs are large dogs with a slower metabolism, and their digestion can result in increased gas production.

English Mastiff

Dachshunds, especially those with long bodies and short legs, can have issues with digestion and may experience more gas.


Similar to English Mastiffs, Saint Bernards are large breeds with slower digestion, which can contribute to increased gas.

Saint Bernard

Great Danes have deep chests and fast growth rates, making them prone to digestive issues and potential gassiness.

Great Dane

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