9 Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Dale Carter

Rusty papaya

The pink in her cheeks and lips, creating a healthy, glowing look. For deeper skin tones, slightly darkening the rust tone enhances the natural warmth of the skin.

Auburn base

Her warm undertones, enhances her eye color, and suits the texture and short length of her hair with its ombré-like effect. The variation in color.

Apricot blonde

Creates a balanced look against Ray's skin, adding depth and dimension, beautiful hair, it's crucial to prioritize hydration and maintenance.

Copper candy blonde

Rich copper candy blonde hair maintains a consistent shade from roots to ends, beautifully enhancing her pale skin tone.

Dark strawberry blonde

With its depth and avoids a brassy or orangey look. To maintain dyed hair, using color-safe and preferably sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners is essential.

Sunny delight

A smooth change from brunette or red to blonde without causing damage to the hair. A feasible option for a one-shot makeover while maintaining hair health.

Highlights throughout

A fresh look without the ombré effect. As we age, opting for lighter hair shades can help minimize the appearance of fine lines compared to darker colors.

Golden red sheen

Strawberry blonde hair boasts a golden hue with hints of brighter blonde at the ends, beautifully framing her face, textured bits of her hair.

Gilded maple

The rich amber tones of this medium-dark strawberry blonde shade make it a timeless extreme gold and warmth adding depth and character to the hair color.

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