Foods High in Vitamin E: A Spectacular Top 6 You Should Absolutely Eat


Mustard Greens

One of the best sources of vitamin E extract, mustard greens give 14% of your daily needs. Mustard greens provide vitamin A, C, and other nutrients for health and beauty.


Swiss Chard

This food provides 17% of your daily needs if eaten everyday. Vitamin E, A, K, and C-rich. The healthiest food on Earth, Swiss chard, will always keep you healthy.


Raw Seeds

Eating raw pumpkin or sunflower seeds everyday will address vitamin E deficiency because one seed supplies 95% of your daily vitamin E. Raw seeds help digestion and stomach hygiene.


 Soy Products

Soy products are rich in vitamin E, therefore vitamin E deficient people can enjoy them and get enough vitamin D for their bodies. 


pine nuts

Everything from ice cream to hot chocolate has pine nuts. Pine nuts are vitamin E-rich, tasty, and quick to prepare. Add this nut to any meal for maximum benefits.



Parsley, a spice, adds flavor to meals, but few know that it is high in vitamin E, thus it should be added to all foods.

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