Top 7 Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating Every Day


Kale's nutritional value will keep it popular. Kale has 177 mg of bone-building calcium per cup. Vitamin K is also important for bone health. Luckily, one cup of kale has 493 micrograms of vitamin K. 


Blueberries have received a lot of attention over the years, and for good reason. This delicious fruit is packed with important chemical compounds found in plants called anthocyanins, polyphenols, and antioxidants.  


Walnuts are very high in fat, but fortunately, it is a good type of fat known as α‐linolenic acid type of omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect and may be one of the reasons why walnuts are so good for cognition. 

Chia seeds

Chia seeds provide roughly a third of daily fiber and antioxidants that may protect against chronic disease. Oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, and pudding can contain chia.


Spinach contains vitamin K, calcium, and vitamin C. Due to its nitrate level, spinach is a heart-healthy superfood. Nitrates dilate blood arteries, helping hypertensives. 


Raspberries are nutrient-dense. Their nutrient profile is similar to blueberries, but they are one of the best plant sources of fiber, making them a great complement to your daily diet.


Ginger has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to treat nausea, digestion, and inflammation. It also makes food taste great.