Top 8 Rare Breeds of Dogs

Elegant West African sighthound known for its speed and independent temperament.

By  Walter


Hungarian Sheepdog with a corded coat, bred for guarding livestock with loyalty and protection.

By  Walter


Ancient Mexican breed available in hairless or coated varieties, intelligent and affectionate.

By  Walter


Small Norwegian spitz-type breed with six toes and a playful, energetic personality.

By  Walter

Norwegian Lundehund

Italian truffle-hunting breed with a curly, water-resistant coat, known for intelligence and friendliness.

By  Walter

Lagotto Romagnolo

Medium-sized Thai breed with a ridge of fur along the back, loyal, protective, and agile.

By  Walter

Thai Ridgeback

Large, shaggy-coated breed originally used for otter hunting, friendly, and sociable with a keen sense of smell.

By  Walter


Turkish breed with a split-nose, exceptional scent hound used for hunting game.

By  Walter


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