Top Grocery Stores In America

With The Highest Prices

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Erewhon Market

Celebrities and influencers from Southern California are flocking to Erewhon—and not for a good deal. The health food store opened in Boston in 1966, moved to Los Angeles two years later,

Whole Foods Market

Despite being one of the most costly places to buy groceries, this well-known chain supermarket still enjoys a large following of devoted customers.

The Fresh Market

UNFI, one of the major US distributors of natural and organic goods, bought, The Fresh Market's hand-pies, restaurant-quality dishes, and pleasant personnel make it stand out.

Acme Markets

This list shouldn't surprise Mid-Atlantic Acme shoppers. It's one among Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania's most popular chains after 130 years.

Harris Teeter

The firm has a huge assortment of high-quality meats, seafood, bread, deli, and flowers. It also serves pizza, sushi, and salads. The shop has a huge wine and alcohol range. Harry the Happy Dragon is Harris Teeter's adorable mascot.


The state-wide Albertsons Companies subsidiary has 32 locations. Randalls has the highest average grocery spend in the US at $112. Randalls may be best for quality over quantity.


One of Wegmans' 110 Northeast shops awaits you. One of the largest private US firms, it generates $12 billion in sales. Wegmans is popular despite expensive pricing. 


Publix, America's biggest employee-owned firm, is in Florida. George W. Jenkins launched the shop in 1930, which currently operates over 1,200 Southern stores. In 2022, Forbes' Halo 100 List ranked the grocery shop 4th.

Giant Eagle

Five families founded Giant Eagle in 1936. The corporation prospered through World War II and the Great Depression. It is a major Midwest supermarket with nearly 450 outlets.

PCC Community Markets

15 Seattle households founded a food-buying club in 1953 to trade local products. With over 58,000 members, PCC Community Markets is the biggest consumer-owned food co-op in the US. PCC offers premium meat, fish, dairy, wine, beer, and deli items.