Virtual Tour of Riga, the Capital of Latvia


Start your virtual tour in Riga's historic center. Visit the Riga Cathedral, St. Peter's Church, and cobblestone streets. Enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage Site's beauty and history.

Riga Old Town


The Art Nouveau District's magnificent façade and detailed embellishments are stunning. Take a virtual trip around Alberta Street, Elizabetes Street, and Strelnieku Street to see Art Nouveau buildings.

Art Nouveau District


Enjoy Riga's busy market. This bustling market sells fresh fruit, local specialties, and traditional crafts under spectacular hangar-like pavilions. Walk among the colorful market stalls virtually.

Central Market


Visit Latvia's presidential home. Explore this 14th-century landmark's history. Enjoy the castle's facade and picture exploring its great hallways and rooms.

Riga Castle


Relax in Riga's oldest public garden. Relax by the fountains and enjoy the tranquility. Locals and tourists enjoy this tranquil city center park.

Vērmanes Garden


The Baltics' main market, Riga Central Market, is contemporary and lively. Virtually explore its five pavilions and see the bustling environment loaded with fresh fruit, meat, fish, and dairy. Visit this vibrant market.

Riga Central Market

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